autoTS is an automated system for time series analysis that uses semnatic workflows to represent sophisticated methods and their constraints. AutoTs extends the WINGS workflow system with new capbilities to cutomize general methods to specific datasets based on key characteristics of the data.

The methods are encapsulated in the Pyleoclim package

This repository contains the following:

  • Notebooks the describe a certain methodology and workflow strategies
  • Sample data with know characteristics (e.g. periodicity, noise, amount of missing data) to test the methods and workflow strategies.
  • Code to automatically profile data (e.g. trend)

Further information

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Deborah Khider
Deborah Khider
Research Lead

My research interests lie at the intersection of geoscience and artificial intelligence. I am particularly interested in using AI to advance the field of paleoclimatology, including tools to annotate and retrieve data, workflows for analysis and machine learning for climate-relevant predictions.

Varun Ratnakar
Varun Ratnakar
Research Engineer

Varun Ratnakar is director of Karya Limited, which provides services in AI research and development to USC’s Information Sciences Instute.