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What is autoTS?

autoTS is an automated machine learning system for time series analysis. autoTS is conceived around three key ideas:

Why autoTS?

Time series analysis can be useful to investigate how a given variable (economic or otherwise) changes over time, to identify recurring patterns, new trends, and scaling behaviors. It can also be used to correlate two events in time and in forecasting by using information regarding historical values and associated patterns to predict future changes. Numerous methods have been developed in the past that require extensive expertise. These multi-step methods include not just machine learning algorithms but also data validation and cleaning (e.g. removal of missing values, long- term trend and/or natural log transformation), which are often performed manually and are an integral part of data science.

Although many signal processing methodologies relevant to time series analysis are widely available in popular packages and libraries (eg, in Matlab , Python , and R ), there are important aspects that require sophisticated expertise:

Consequently, time series analysis is often considered more of an art than a science, a craft that takes years to develop and master. Because few people possess the expertise to process time series data, we have limited capability to analyze from the all the time series data that have been collected. Because sophisticated expertise takes practice, few practitioners are well qualified to do time series data analysis properly.

autoTS capture these strategies and methods and systematically searches through the space of solutions for a given dataset. A researcher with limited knowledge about time series analysis is able to use autoTS to efficiently generate valid solutions for their questions.


For questions about autoTS, please contact Deborah Khider or Yolanda Gil


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